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Peire in Kaunas, Lithuania August 18-22 2019

Disentangling the complex interactions in dwellings between tenant behaviour, indoor environmental qualities, public health and heating energy demands.

The PEIRE project at Lund University and Malmö University, together with the Danish research project REVALUE and BE-READY from Aarhus University, organized a symposium at the ISES ISIAQ 2019 conference in Kaunas, Lithuania, 18-22 August 2019. The symposium was entitled “Holistic view on the interaction between residents and indoor air quality in dwellings” and comprised 10 presentations, 8 of which came from the Swedish-Danish projects. The conference attracted approximately 450 delegates from countries all over the world, of which about 50 attended our symposium.

At the symposium, results from thorough measurements in housing were presented, for example temperature, air quality and tenants’ behaviours, together with calculations of energy consumption and consequences for public health. The results are interesting in themselves, but, together with comments from the audience, raised questions for the continued work. In both the Swedish and Danish studies, indoor environmental qualities and human behaviour were measured using a variety of methods. It is important to ask which of these measurements actually contributes to a holistic understanding.

The next step in the project is to further analyse the retrieved data, and look for correlations and contradictions. In parallel, it is important to start a process where theories from the participating disciplines interact and form the basis for new ways of organizing our knowledge.

A longer summary in English

You can find more about the various presentations in the conference abstract book, which you can download here:

The next seminars will concern for example how costs for hot water influences the tenant’s use. We will also get more examples from our Danish colleagues of the residents’ role in renovations of multi-family housing.


Previous PEIRE events

Vad händer när hyresgästerna får betala för varmvattnet?

(In Swedish)

Seminariet filmades, klicka på titel för att se respektive presentation.

Introduktion. Eja Pedersen, LTH.

Det är ju ett slags guldkant på tillvaron att duscha länge. Helena Köhler, Linköpings universitet, har intervjuat hyresgäster om deras syn på varmvattenförbrukning och vad som styr deras beteende.

Stor variation mellan boende - statistisk analys av mätdata från 1500 lägenheter. Victor Fransson, LTH, ger oss siffror på vad som händer.

Individuell varmvattendebitering på Eddan. Eja Pedersen, LTH, och Victoria Silfverberg, LKF berättar om hur varmvattendebitering infördes på Linero och hur det påverkade förbrukningen. 


How can we study and understand the complex interaction between technical systems and humans - theory building and experiences from indoor environments in multifamily housing

The seminar was filmed, see links in titles.

Introduction to the seminar, Eja Pedersen, Lund University

Building meta-theories for complex systems. Mark Edwards, Jönköping University

Building meta-theories for buildings, Kristian Stålne, Malmö University, the Peire-project

Co-analysing measurements from indoor environments Yujing Li, Malmö University and Birgitta Nordquist, Lund University, both from the PEIRE-project


Hur kan vi förstå och ta hänsyn till boendes beteenden vid energieffektivisering av bostäder?

(In Swedish) 

The seminar was filmed, see links in titles.

Boendes vardagspraxis, bostadsrenovering och energianvändning. Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, professor i hållbart vardagsliv vid Statens Byggforskningsinstitut, Ålborgs universitet i Köpenhamn.

Boende är människor som påverkas och påverkar. Eja Pedersen, docent i miljöpsykologi vid LTH, Lunds universitet.

Boendes förståelse och beteende – några aspekter från det pågående forskningsprojektet PEIRE. Jonas Borell, psykolog och biträdande lektor i arbetsmiljöteknik, LTH, Lunds universitet.


Innovation summit on construction materials där Yujing Li presenterade

Hållbarhetsveckan vid LU om Hållbar stadsförnyelse med fokus på Linero med presentation av Eja Pedersen

6th Malmö Real Estate Research Conference, presentationer av Yujing Li och Kristian Stålne

Innovationsfrukost med presentationer av Eja Pedersen och Aneta Wierzbicka