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Welcome to PEIRE

Get the balance right! Housing, indoor environment and energy

The results of the PEIRE project's studies in the 1960's built Linero area in Lund have been presented.
Among other things: how factors in the indoor environment such as air quality and temperature changed after the renovation. How the residents understand and regulate heat and ventilation. How behavior affects air quality and energy use. And how we now see that everything is connected!

The event can be viewed on Youtube

Eja Pedersen, project manager,


People | Environment | Indoor | Renovation | Energy

PEIRE is a multidisciplinary research project focusing on bot good indoor environment for people in their homes, and on energy efficiency before and after the renovation of multi-family homes. Read more under the tabs above.

Residents are part of the system

Energy efficiency in homes must increase and many measures are taken when multi-family houses are renovated. At the same time, it is important that the indoor environment in apartments corresponds to people's need for good air, comfortable temperature, good sound environment and daylight.

A holistic approach is needed, as energy systems, ventilation and the building design interact. People living in apartments are affected by the systems, but also affect the energy consumption and the indoor environment.

In this project, we are studying, with individuals in focus, how energy efficiency and good indoor environment in apartments can interact positively.

The PEIRE-project
currently comprises two studies

  • The interaction of energy system, indoor environment and tenants - holistic approach to improve energy efficiency in the renovation of multi-family buildings (Swedish Energy Agency, 2016–2020).
  • Sustainable indoor environment in multi-family housing after renovation - a holistic approach on building performance, energy, indoor environment quality, and residents' behavior and well-being (Formas, 2016–2020).